Frazetta study in Zbrush
Subroto bhaumik fraz study final

Frazetta study in Zbrush

Subroto bhaumik fraz study7

Frazetta study_render

Subroto bhaumik ffcolr32


Subroto bhaumik fraz2
Subroto bhaumik fraz3
Subroto bhaumik fraz4

Frazetta Zbrush study turntable2

Frazetta study in Zbrush

This was a personal project to see whether I can sculpt a scene in Zbrush from an image. I sculpted the figure in pose from the start in Zbrush. Added some lighting in Blender and shot from a different camera view because I can ( the beauty of 3d). And then painted the rest in PS.

Scroll down to see the Zbrush sculpts.

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